Do you Want to Build Website & Blog Awareness Using Twitter Tips ?

Do you Want to Build Website & Blog Awareness Using Twitter Tips ?

Build Website & Blog Awareness Using Twitter Tips
Build Website & Blog Awareness Using Twitter Tips

Social Media has become the backbone of Websites, Blogs and Companies online marketing plans, as Facebook can sometimes be too general for specifically targeted content. Twitter incorporates #Hashtags and labels to pinpoint keywords and concise messages, and allows for hyperlinking to additional multimedia like slideshows and pictures.

Today, most successful Website, Blogs and companies have a social media strategy, often including a Twitter presence. This micro-blogging platform is effective, powerful and an efficient tool to use.

Whether your Website, Blog or business is struggling to achieve success or is fading into obscurity, you can use Twitter to reach your customers and enhance online brand awareness.

Every Website, Blog & Small to Large business should have a Twitter account that is updated at least twice a day, and this is especially true for startups trying to build brand awareness among a unique customer base.

Below are the most actionable Twitter Tips. These tips aim to get you thinking about your brand’s presence on Twitter.

Post High-quality, Relevant Content

Sharing quality content is the backbone of a successful social media marketing campaign. However, it is important to differentiate between quality content that your followers want, and repetitive marketing or promotional material that you think is important. The worst thing you can do on Twitter is spam people with the same boring message all the time.

Tweet about your current offer, but mix it up a little with industry news, useful tips, and customer responses. Remember to limit personal opinions and humor, as they can get you into a lot of trouble if your readership misunderstands or disagrees strongly!

The more useful your content is, the more likely you are to get re-tweets, where your followers pass on your message to their followers. If you’re very good, or very lucky, you may even go viral and generate massive site traffic from a single tweet.

Keywords and #Hashtags


Twitter categorizes user tweets through #hashtags, which are phrases consisting of a keyword preceded by the pound sign. If a similar hashtag is repeated over and over again by enough users, it will be designated as “trending” and show up underneath that subheading on the main page. You can do a little bit here – at the beginning of the day, look at some trending keywords and hashtags and then try to incorporate a few into your own Tweets. Something as simple as a few words could project your brand to millions of interested customers.


In Twitter we can only post tweets of 140 characters or less, you might feel it is impossible to get a lengthy marketing objective across to a target audience. However, this is not necessarily true – WebSites like, Google URL Shortener/,, can shorten any website URL into a phase that will easily fit inside the Twitter window. This way, you can link to a relevant article you found in the New York Times, or even a newsletter that you run on your own website.

Find Best Keywords

To successfully promote your  Website, Blog and Business Brand on Twitter, you must master the art of finding and using the right keywords. Keywords are absolutely critical to marketing, as they help increase the popularity of your tweets by making your posts easier to find and categorize. The good news is that you can find appropriate keywords (and key phrases) by conducting a simple search from your Twitter account. When you search for freelance writing, for example, you will find the following keywords:







Make sure you keep a list of the best keywords for your business, and use them to create around your Website, Blog and Brand.

Use #Hashtags

Use a keyword with the pound sign (#) – also known as the “hash” symbol – turns it into what is known on Twitter (and other social networks) as a hashtag. Hashtags are used, according to Twitter, “to mark keywords or topics in a tweet”.

When you create a hashtag, you help categorize your tweet so that it can be easily found, which not only makes it simpler for people to find your tweets, but can also improve follower engagement. You can use existing, popular hashtags, create your own, or jump on someone else’s bandwagon and use a trending tag to attract people to your posts. Be careful, though – overuse of hashtags can make tweets hard to read.

Be Consistent

You may have a professional Twitter account, great content to share with your followers and a quality product to pitch, but if you are not consistent with your campaign, you won’t succeed.

Don’t tweet every two days, or every two weeks. Tweet every day.

The goal of using Twitter is to engage your audience with quality content that is relevant to your brand, that adds value to your followers’ lives, and that helps your audience know, like and trust you. You can only do this by being present in their online lives regularly.

Once you establish rapport and stay patiently committed, your fans will be the ones that will give you the feedback you need to grow, thrive and promote your brand to an ever-wider audience.


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