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Best Web Hosting Providers of 2022

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Best Web Hosting Providers of 2022 1


This article will list the best web hosting providers out there as well as guide you on what things to focus on while choosing one. 

Every website that you visit is hosted somewhere. Without web hosting your website simply wouldn’t exist.

Some big websites take care of hosting themselves because they generate high traffics and profit enough to afford their own servers. However, simple people, like you and me, need hosting providers to host a website. Good thing is – there’s a lot to choose from.

So much to choose from that it might be hard to decide. There are hundreds if not thousands of hosting providers and they all will tell you the same thing – their service is the best.

Well, the truth is – there isn’t one provider that universally fits all websites. Each website is different and requires different data, bandwidth, and storage allowances.

So how do you choose the best web hosting?

Best web hosting: important features

There are several important hosting features that can determine how smoothly a live site will perform.

A good hosting provider should be fast, have reliable uptime and response times, effective support and be easy to use.

To find the best web hosting providers, I have tested the performance, pricing, user-friendliness, support, and features of nearly 100 web hosting companies. Here is a list of my personal favorite hosting providers.

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Best Web Hosting Providers

The following providers really excel in all (or the majority) of these categories. These are the best hosting providers:

  • Bluehost – best all-rounder with a strong focus on WordPress.
  • A2 Hosting – best scalable hosting solutions.
  • Hostinger – best cheap and powerful web hosting.
  • HostGator – best hosting for small businesses.
  • DreamHost – best reliable business-oriented hosting.
  • InterServer – best all-round web hosting.
  • SiteGround– best web hosting with excellent support.
  • GoDaddy – reliable and user-friendly hosting.
  • InMotion – fully-featured web hosting.
  • HostPapa – best web hosting for beginners.

1. Bluehost – Best All-Rounder Hosting Solution

Bluehost homepage

For over 15 years, Bluehost has been the primary option for WordPress hosting. And they deliver it – after all, Bluehost is recommended by WordPress itself.

And no wonder why – even with the cheapest plan that starts at $2.95/month, you get a free domain name, SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth.

If you bump your plan to $5.45/month, you’ll additionally be offered unmetered SSD storage, unlimited domains and websites.

While Bluehost is focused on hosting WordPress sites, it fully suitable for sites that run other CMSs.

Bluehost provides everything to get any type of website going. It’s a one-stop-shop, that also happens to be great in optimizing its servers for WordPress.

Bluehost Has Impressive Performance

Bluehost’s servers are well known as being fast and very reliable. Clocking response times of just above 180 ms, Bluehost WordPress websites are rather impressive when it comes to performance.

Bluehost response time

Even better – our website did not experience any downtime during our testing period. With a 100% uptime and response times that don’t hit 200 ms, Bluehost really shines in the performance department.

Bluehost Platform is Beginner-Friendly

Bluehost is one of the hosts that use cPanel as their main control panel. So whether you want to install a CMS of your choice or manage your hosting account, you should be able to do that easily.

bluehost cpanelcPanel is currently the most popular option for hosting control panels and has a huge user base. Any support agent will surely know how to help you should any question arise.

Additionally, if you don’t want to use WordPress for which Bluehost is known for, you’ll find other options on cPanel. Under “One-Click Installs” you’ll also find alternative CMSs to use instead – all depending on your needs.

Also, Bluehost offers a professional Weebly drag-and-drop website builder for free even with the cheapest shared hosting plan. This website creation tool is great for both complete beginners and more advanced users.

And if at any point you’d run into some issues, Bluehost’s customer support is available 24/7 via phone or chat.

All in all, Bluehost delivers powerful user-friendly hosting experience that’s suited both for beginners and experienced professionals.

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2. A2 Hosting – Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

A2 Hosting homepage

A2 Hosting is fast and reliable hosting provider that offers a variety of plans for just about any website.

Many different types of hosting? Check. Are both Windows and Linux available in the shared plans? Check. Solutions tailored specifically for many kinds of websites, such as educational, business, blogging, and forum platforms? Check, check, check.

All that comes for pretty affordable pricing too. A2 Hosting prices start at $2.96/mo and only go up to $7.03/mo. For a premium host – it’s a good value. Especially considering that you get unlimited storage, bandwidth, and 25 email addresses.

Additionally, no matter when you decide that you don’t want the hosting anymore – it has an anytime money-back guarantee. And while mostly that is a marketing trick, at least you’ll get the money back for the time you paid in advance. 

All things considered, A2 Hosting is an example of an all-inclusive and price-conscious host.

A2 Hosting Servers are Fast

A2 Hosting plans offer brilliant response and page load times.

During the testing, A2 Hosting averaged at 211ms response time and excellent 99.98% uptime. I observed a few peaks when response time reached 1 second but other than that, A2 Hosting was excellent.

best web hosting - A2 Hosting response time graph

A2 Hosting can offer incredibly fast server performance for several reasons:

  • A2 Hosting exclusively uses SSD storage – a much faster technology than its precursor HDD;
  • It uses an advanced A2 Optimized caching solution;
  • The provider includes Cloudflare CDN even in the cheapest shared hosting plan.

All in all, great uptime and performance is not a happy accident – A2 Hosting has servers that are optimized for speed.

A2 Hosting Custom Software Solutions

In addition to regular hosting, A2 Hosting is also prepared to help website professionals who want to use the servers for very specific projects. There are loads of software and development options, designed for at least 44 custom types of projects.

For example, I was able to choose a software package that’s specifically tailored for podcast hosting.  

A2 Hosting featuresYou can also see software for eCommerce, learning management systems, email tools, and other features. It doesn’t matter what website you’re building, the 24/7/365 customer support is ready to advise and help you.

All in all, A2 Hosting offers specialized hosting solutions for different website types and has the performance stats to be great at it.

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3. Hostinger – Best Cheap and Powerful Hosting

Hostinger homepage

Hostinger offers some of the cheapest prices in the industry and performance that can compete with other hosting giants.

Hostinger’s affordability is pretty impressive. With entry-level plans starting at just $0.80/month (A Black Friday Deal!) and offering SSD (Solid State Disk) storage, 100GB of bandwidth and 10GB of storage space, it’s a package hard to beat. And if you are still not satisfied, Hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It’s also worth mentioning that with the $2.15/month plan you’ll get free automated weekly backups, a free domain name, and SSL installation. 

The third plan offers even more features. The $3.45/month plan will get you daily backups and hosting on an even more powerful server.

Overall, you can host a personal or a small business website for just a couple of dollars a month.

Hostinger Performance is Outstanding

Hostinger offers the fastest speeds available (as low as 77 ms response!). It also provides fantastic uptime statistics of around 99.99%.

Best web hosting: Hostinger response time graph

Even when the performance dips, response time still rarely exceeds 1 second. It’s a great result – by far the best web hosting speed between the providers I’ve tested.

Server speed is important for both user experience and your Google rankings. In fact, if your page loading time is over 4 seconds, you’ll lose around 25% desktop and according to Google research – over 50% mobile users.

Same goes for the uptime – stable uptime also guarantees that you stay under Google’s radar and it doesn’t rank you down.

Thankfully, Hostinger knows that and aims to ensure that your website is up, running, and running fast. 

User-Friendly Hosting Interface

Hostinger uses a custom panel as its hosting management panel. Some users that are used to the standard cPanel might consider it a drawback.

However, it looks a lot like your regular cPanel and has completely the same functionality. This means that managing your account using the custom panel is easy – you’ll find file manager, auto-installer scripts, DNS management, FTP accounts all in one intuitive control panel.

Best web hosting - Hostinger control panel

In Hostinger control panel, you’ll be able to use one-click installs for all the most popular software options to build your website on – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.

For complete beginners, Hostinger also has a drag-and-drop website builder featuring beautiful and responsive templates.

And if you have questions or experiencing problems – the support agents are well trained and working 24/7 to help you. However, you might run into some problems as the company does not offer phone support.

However, Hostinger offers a magnitude of tools to help its customers – including hundreds of text and video tutorials.

Overall, Hostinger could be an affordable host of choice for many different websites.

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4. HostGator – Affordable and Beginner-Friendly

HostGator homepage

HostGator aims to make hosting a website available to everyone. The company offers affordable pricing starting from $2.75/month with essentials like an SSL certificate and a free domain name included.

HostGator is also beginner-friendly – it offers its own drag-and-drop Gator website builder that’s included in all the hosting packages. With decent pricing and easy-to-use site building tool, HostGator could be the hosting choice for many.

HostGator Performance Results

HostGator is aiming to provide fast servers to everyone and averages at around 400ms response time. Considering that our top 5 hosts are averaging around 200ms, the HostGator result is not brilliant but still – above average.

best web hosting - HostGator performance results graphWhat is more impressive is the HostGator uptime. Promising 99.9% uptime, the provider actually keeps its promise. During our tests, the servers experienced only micro downtimes of several minutes.

Gator Website Builder

HostGator truly caters to the beginner web creators by offering a really easy-to-use website builder. In addition to affordable hosting, you can also easily build a website with no previous design experience.

It offers an extensive library of templates specifically created for different industries, for example, eCommerce, blogging, business, and more.

Gator website builder

In general, HostGator is a stable, affordable and beginner-friendly provider.

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5. DreamHost – Powerful and Business-Oriented

DreamHost homepage

DreamHost offers a fast, powerful, and highly available hosting service, oriented towards professionals, businesses, and organizations. But most importantly, it provides free hosting for non-profits.

Even if you’re not eligible for free hosting, DreamHost plans are pretty affordable, starting at $2.59/mo. Even the cheapest plan includes a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate, and daily automated backups. These features are especially important for business-oriented websites.

All in all, it’s a fully-featured hosting service. So how about the performance?

DreamHost Performance is Great

DreamHost is not exactly known for stable performance. On the other hand, it still manages to score way above the industry average. During the performance testing, I’ve got the results of 307ms, which is a great response time.

Best web hosting - DreamHost performance

And where DreamHost is not exactly stable with response time, it compensates with uptime. DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime and keeps the score really close to it. In fact, with only a couple of short downtimes a few months ago, it evens out at 100%. That is something every host aims at but rarely achieves.

User-friendly Features

In addition to excellent performance, DreamHost offers additional perks that make this host extremely user-oriented.

DreamHost offers a free domain for a whole year for users that sign up for their annual plan. Additionally, it offers monetary compensation for any downtime that your site might experience. So if it doesn’t live up to its 100% uptime guarantee, you will be compensated.

It also offers a 97-day money-back guarantee – one of the longest refund periods in the industry.

These additional offers signal that the host is ready to compensate users for any of its mistakes.

All in all, by offering stable performance and business-driven features, DreamHost is a solid choice for companies and non-profits.

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6. InterServer – All-Round Scalable Web Hosting

InterServer homepage

You can call InterServer the most transparent and all-rounded web hosting solution. With just one plan fitting both small and large websites, it keeps its pricing simple: the longer you stay, the lower the pricing. The hosting costs either $4/mo if you opt for a 3-year plan, or $5/mo if you choose to pay monthly.

With no high renewals, InterServer is great for long-term business website hosting. At the same, no contracts allow you to host projects for the short term.

But not just that – InterServer equips all of its users with intuitive cPanel interface and advanced tools for both performance and security. That includes caching, CDN, firewalls, and backups.

And as long as you don’t reach the size of Amazon, you can stay on its shared hosting platform. InterServer gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It also utilizes only 50% of server capacity – so you’ll have enough space to scale your project as needed.

So considering all you get for just $4/mo, InterServer looks like a really nice option. But can its performance keep up?


InterServer response time at averages around 460ms – which is average and not exceptionally great. Since some providers on this list average at 200ms or less, this result is less than impressive.

InterServer uptime

On a brighter note, during our testing, InterServer did not experience any downtime. So with a 100% uptime and an average response time, this provider is reliable enough to be worth your attention.

Free Website Builder Included

Every InterServer user gets a free SitePad website builder. It’s a standard WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder, focused on easy and quick website creation.

InterServer SitePad website builder

While this builder doesn’t offer a fancy interface, it’s easy to use and includes more than 300 tastefully designed themes for different industries. Additionally, there are 40 widgets that simplify the managing of your site even more.

All in all, InterServer is a good scalable host with a simple pricing structure.

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7. SiteGround – Strong Host with Excellent Support

SiteGround homepage

By offering great server performance and hands down the best customer support, SiteGround definitely deserves to be in this top web hosting list. 

And while SiteGround is not the cheapest option starting from $3.95/month, it does offer a lot of value that justifies the price.

All of the plans include unlimited bandwidth, server location choice, and automated daily backups. You are also promised a 30-day money-back guarantee.

When you sign up for SiteGround, you get a proactive chat from a live agent offering to call you, inquiring if you need any help setting everything up. Customer support includes tutorials, live chat, tickets, and phone calls. All are available 24/7 – and when you call on a Saturday night and get connected to an agent in 10 seconds, you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

But excellent customer support won’t cover poor performance – and it doesn’t have to because SiteGround doesn’t lack in the performance department.

SiteGround Performance

SiteGround response time is rarely exceeding 200ms with uptime averaging in the 99.99% area.

best web hosting - SiteGround response time graph

It’s also worth mentioning that SiteGround is improving. Earlier, we were observing poorer results – 400-500ms which was still fast. But as the company keeps growing, it invests in more advanced technology to offer better performance to its customers.

And that is something other hosting providers can look up to.

SiteGround 3 Layer Caching Solution

SiteGround performs this well because of Supercacher. It is a caching service, which is supposed to make your website load many times faster and help avoid problems caused by big surges in traffic. It’s SiteGround’s own sophisticated system, including 3 different layers: static cache, Memcached, and dynamic cache. 

Best web hosting - SiteGround caching technology

Static cache takes a copy of your static content and puts it on the hosting server’s RAM memory – dramatically reducing the load times. Memcached does something very rare for shared hosting servers – it saves user requests as well, adding a layer of speed to the static cache.

Finally, dynamic cache goes a step further and caches the entire website, converting it to HTML and saving even more time.

With all of the layers combined, SiteGround Supercacher offers all of the latest technologies to make your website fast.

Overall, SiteGround is a great provider for a fast website. And if you face any problems, SiteGround’s excellent customer support is ready to help you 24/7.

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8. GoDaddy – Powerful Yet User-Friendly

GoDaddy homepage

GoDaddy is one of the best-known names in the hosting industry that aims to offer user-friendly website hosting solutions.

The provider offers all online presence and hosting essentials, including scalable hosting plans, a GoDaddy website builder, free domain names, web security, and 24/7 customer support. It seems that once you sign up with GoDaddy, you won’t have to look at any other provider.

One of the best GoDaddy’s offers is the basic $1/month plan (the special price for this blog’s readers only!) that offers unmetered bandwidth, a free domain as well as 100GB of storage.

Higher-tier plans start at $7.99/month and include unlimited websites, storage, and bandwidth. 

Overall, GoDaddy offers a myriad of functionalities for a good price.

GoDaddy Performance is Constantly Improving

When I first signed up with GoDaddy, its performance was great but still not on the “top-list” level. GoDaddy averaged at over 500ms response time.

But during the test, I saw something interesting.

GoDaddy’s response times kept improving each month. Right now, it averages at 265ms. Which is pretty close to the recommended 200ms benchmark.

Best web hosting- GoDaddy response time graph

GoDaddy’s Well Rounded Customer Support

GoDaddy has many support options – live chat, 24/7 phone support, hundreds of tutorials, and a huge community forum. A provider wouldn’t so easily climb to the 3rd place of the best web hosting companies if it had poor customer support.

However, there are some drawbacks to their support. The first one is that their live chat is only available during work hours on weekdays. Additionally, sometimes you cannot get in line to get live chat support. 

Best web hosting-GoDaddy support-unavailableGoDaddy has this strange strategy to keep its waiting times to a “minimum.” If agents are too busy, you cannot press the live chat button.

Fortunately, these occasions become rarer and it’s easier to contact GoDaddy via live chat than it was when I was first writing a full review a couple of years ago.

All in all, GoDaddy is a reliable web hosting player that shows constant improvement.

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9. InMotion – Fast Business Hosting

InMotion homepage

One of the highlights of InMotion is that it offers easily managed business hosting solutions. With the pricing starting at $3.99/month, InMotion is not the cheapest provider for personal use.

But it does offer good value – even with the cheapest plan, you’ll get a free domain name, unlimited data, hosting for 2 websites, free SSL, and premium BoldGrid website builder for WordPress. And it offers a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting Performance Results 

InMotion is a powerful hosting provider offering SSD disks and averaging at around 300ms response time.

best web hosting: inmotion response time graph

Unfortunately, not all is perfect. While promising 99.9% uptime guarantee, InMotion has been shown to be down for quite some time.

inmotion small downtimes

What I saw were constant micro-downtimes. Every couple of hours, the InMotion goes down for a minute – perhaps due to overcrowded servers or other server health issues.

And while this is not a big issue, such downtimes could and should be avoided.

Overall, InMotion does offer all the functionalities that a business website requires.

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10. HostPapa – Best Hosting Option for Beginner Users

Hostpapa homepage

HostPapa focuses on beginner users including everything they might need to launch a website. That’s a user-friendly control panel, domain names, a very simple website builder and more.

Together with the package, you are also promised high-server performance and availability. And you get all this for just $3.95/mo.

But there’s one thing that’s the most important for all beginners – customer support. And HostPapa is just brilliant in this field – it has a multilingual 24/7 live chat, phone, and ticket support as well as the most extensive knowledge base possible. So whether you want to chat with someone or solve an issue yourself – HostPapa has all the means for that.

So how does HostPapa keep its promises?


HostPapa’s response time is not top-notch and averages around 460ms. While this isn’t terrible, it’s definitely not the golden standard of 200ms.

However, during our testing HostPapa’s servers didn’t experience even a minute of downtime. The perfect 100% uptime score is impressive and outweighs a less-than-ideal response time.

HostPapa Response Time

Overall, HostPapa offers a great price and superb support for beginner users.

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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider?

Before you actually purchase and stick to one of the providers, you need to know your needs. And then – it’s nice to know all the tricks hosting providers usually pull so you can avoid paying for services you don’t need.

You can follow our 7 step guide which will show you how to choose the best web hosting provider for your online project:

Step 1: Decide what your needs are
Step 2: Know your budget
Step 3: Check the hosting provider’s speed
Step 4: Check if hosting provider offers reliable uptime
Step 5: Check what extra features you get
Step 6: Avoid upselling attempts
Step 7: Check customer support availability

Step 1: Decide What Your Needs Are

Different web hosts specialize in different fields – WordPress, eCommerce hosting, forum hosting, personal hosting, small business hosting, and so on. And we are just in the territory of shared hosting.

Usually, you can pretty easily see what a web host is trying to sell. One of the best examples is Bluehost that offers WordPress-tailored solutions.

In other cases, you can answer these questions for yourself:

1. Is it going to be a static HTML site or do you need a website builder or a CMS? If you only need a simple static website, any host will do the job just fine, so you can concentrate on the cheapest pricing. However, if you need a CMS or website builder solution, look at the best providers that include auto-installers or built-in website builders.

2. Are you going to be hosting an eCommerce store? Hosting for eCommerce requires more resources and more advanced security features. Check if your chosen host provides SSL certificates, strong security features, and is capable of hosting a heavy website.

3. How big is your website going to be? While shared hosting is highly scalable, it’s still best for small to medium websites. So check other plans provider has to see if it is scalable enough for the time your site grows.

You should also check if your chosen host provides you with email, domain name, and other extras.

Step 2: Know Your Budget

There are affordable hosting providers selling packages for as low as $0.99/mo and premium hosts that can cost over $10/mo. 

But consider that you are not going to be paying for hosting but a domain name as well. That can add around $12/year for a simple .com domain registration. Established domains often cost thousands.

Looking at our best providers, you can definitely fit in the $1-$6/mo range even with a simple domain included. So unless you’re looking to host multiple websites or eCommerce that will require extra resources, private SSL, or other security features, there’s no point in spending more of your hard-earned money.

One of the things you can do is set your budget at least 2 years in advance. Check the provider’s terms and conditions – the majority of the providers offer great deals for the first year but then bump the price after. Be aware that if you pay $50/year for the first year, that’s probably not going to be the case after that time passes.

Step 3: Check the Hosting Provider’s Speed

A speedy website enhances user experience and helps your website grow. Considering that, a powerful server with a fast response time will make your pages load fast. Both visitors and Google loves that.

In fact, slow loading websites increase your bounce rates. And not by a mere percent or two – you can lose up to 25% of your visitors if the page takes 4 seconds to load.

The statistics for mobile are even harsher. If your page loads up to 5 seconds, you might lose 90% of visitors.


Keeping in mind that 50% of website traffic comes from mobile, you absolutely need a fast hosting provider. Using Google’s Test My Site function we calculated, that even mere 0.9 s can earn you almost 10k more a year.

best web hosting - fast website revenue

A fast hosting provider is going to save you money. But it’s not only a service speed that makes your site fast.

In all of our reviews, we tested providers’ response times and used it as a ranking factor. Also, keep in mind that SSD disks, caching, CDN and other optimization tools can make servers faster. So if that’s included – a big plus goes to your chosen provider.

Step 4: Check If Hosting Provider Offers Reliable Uptime

The majority of the hosting providers offer 99.9% uptime guarantee that in theory sounds really good. But if you calculated how many minutes your website can be down a week with such SLA (service level agreement), you’d quickly find out that it’s 10 minutes per week. 

99.99% is more important

Your hosting can go down for:

So when you’re choosing a provider, check what they offer on an SLA. You’ll rarely find 100% (though DreamHost does that), but at least you’ll have a small guarantee for your site to be up all the time. On our status page, we also track all the major providers – you can see which is actually reliable using historical data.

Step 5: Check What Extra Features You Get

The more provider offers, the better for you. All of our top providers include the essentials like SSL installation, easy-to-use control panel, auto-installers, and with more expensive plans – free domain names.

But some providers offer even more.

Premium features include DDoS protection, daily automated backups, constant monitoring, caching, email hosting, CDN and more.

Look into what features you need. Sometimes an extra dollar might be worth it.

Extra features are usually what decides the value of the hosting package. So even if your chosen plan costs a couple of dollars more but includes all the features mentioned above, you get way better value.

Step 6: Avoid Upselling Attempts

Upselling and extra features are closely related. When a hosting provider does not include backups or DDoS protection in its package, it will surely want to sell you that as an add-on.

Some providers are even known to be so aggressive with their upsells that add-ons are automatically put in your shopping cart.

Best web hosting - up-selling: add-ons are put in the shopping cart

So if you see your shopping cart value increase for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to check if something was not added for you.

Maybe it would make sense to get a higher-tier plan, pay a couple of dollars more instead of buying additional features one by one.

On the other hand, not all add-ons are meant to just to take your money. Site backups or domain privacy might be essential for your business. So just keep a close eye and check whether everything you buy is intentional. 

Step 7: Check Customer Support Availability

It became a standard for hosts to have 24/7 customer support that includes at least live chat, email tickets, or phone support. However, the amount of options does not decide whether support is good. You’ll have to consider their response times, communication, and helpfulness.

For this step, a number of things can help you decide:

  • Read user reviews – usually, people are quite honest about bad experiences.
  • Try and contact at least the sales support team – you’ll get a sneak peek of what to expect.
  • Read professional reviews – in our blog, we always contact support with existing (or not) problems to evaluate them.

Choosing a host with great customer support will make your experience much more pleasant whether you’re a beginner or a developer.

Should any problem happen – support agents could and should help you. Also, if your site is too slow for your preference – the support team might be able to help you speed up or even transfer the site to a more powerful server.

Best Web Hosting FAQ

While web hosting in itself is a simple solution for your website, it can still raise many questions. We answered all the most common questions you may have about your website hosting.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting service when the resources of one server are shared between multiple different websites. This way, hosting providers can keep pricing to the minimum, making shared hosting the cheapest option for small- to medium-sized websites.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

Web hosting prices start under $1/month and can go as high as $15/month for a premium solution. Normally, you won’t need to spend over $6/month to get a domain name, SSL certificate, and good customer support included.

On average, the second-tier plans with our top 8 providers cost $5.50/mo.

How Often Do You Have to Pay for Web Hosting?

Usually, hosting providers charge you for the whole billing period in advance. That can be 3 months to 3 or more years – all depending on your needs. Most of the time you can also choose to pay monthly, but this way pricing increases. Sometimes, the increase is several times bigger than the monthly price for a 1-year plan.

Can I Host My Own Website?

You surely can but it’s not the first option we recommend. To host your own website, you’ll need a powerful computer, technical and programming knowledge. Also, you’ll need to make sure that your computer-server is always up – if you have power outages or turn off the computer, your website shuts down with it.

Hosting providers are equipped with powerful servers and hosting professionals that can take care of your website better. Also, considering that you’ll have to pay for the electricity bill for always running a computer, it’s not cheaper than choosing an affordable hosting service.

How to Choose the Most Secure Web Hosting?

Strong security features protect your website from data loss, malicious attacks, spam, and other threats. However, not all hosts focus on user security and offer protection.

Here are the features that you should look for in a secure web host

1. Backups – daily automated backups will ensure that you have a copy of a functioning website in case a problem occurs.
2. Antivirus and malware scanning – just like regular computers, servers can get infected. Antivirus and malware scanning will help you prevent such problems.
3. Secure FTP – when you move big amounts of files to your hosting account, it’s useful to have Secure File Transfer Protocol that will keep your data safe during the time it travels from you to the web host.
4. Spam filtering – not only is it annoying but also not exactly secure to open spam mail. Viruses, attacks similar to DDoS, and malware can be sent this way. Spam protection helps to keep you secure.
5. Internal security – internal security involves all the measures a host can take to keep your website secure. That includes everything from updated software and hardware to having power generators in case of power outages.

How to Get a Domain Name for My Website?

Most of the time, the majority of providers include a domain registration in their packages or offer you to buy one from them. However, if you want an established domain name or your provider does not get you with one, you may need to use the services of a domain name registrar.

Domain name registrars function as marketplaces to buy and sometimes host your website name. Just like with any online purchase, you’ll need to go through the registration and check out process. Once you have a domain name, you’ll need to point your domain information to your hosting provider. If that sounds too baffling – contact the support. They’ll surely know how to do it.

The Best Web Hosting Providers – The Verdict

A good provider will make your job easier – you’ll get more traffic and conversions faster, back-end issues will be solved for you, and even web design will be an easy task. All of our best web hosting providers are capable of that and more.

So depending on what you need, these top 10 best hosting providers will do a great job: 

  • Bluehost is known for its powerful WordPress hosting and user-friendly website building options.
  • A2 Hosting is the best web hosting provider for high-scalability and different software options.
  • Hostinger is the cheapest and the fastest hosting provider aiming at individuals and growing businesses.
  • HostGator is aimed at small businesses and provides them with a user-friendly hosting interface.
  • DreamHost offers an unbeatable uptime guarantee, fast servers, and free hosting for non-profits.
  • InterServer is a great scalable hosting solution with a super simple pricing structure.
  • SiteGround is not only powerful but provides the best customer support you can imagine.
  • GoDaddy is focusing on small business and is offering fast and all-inclusive hosting.
  • InMotion includes all the essential hosting features so you can launch your business website fast.
  • HostPapa is best suited for beginners for an affordable price and great customer support.

What do you think? Which hosting provider is the best in your opinion? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section down below!


Written by Paul Mahony

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