Best Windows 10 Apps to Use

Best Windows 10 Apps to Use 2

Windows 10 supports universal apps that can run on a Windows PC as well as a Windows 10 Mobile device, so these apps may come in handy when the mobile version of Windows 10 lands later this year. However, there are a number of mediocre apps on the Windows Store, so picking out the good ones can be a tough task at times. Well, you don’t have to worry about picking the best apps, as today we will share the best 35 Windows 10 Store apps in various categories.

Pin More ($2.99)

Pin More Windows 10 app
Pin More allows you to pin custom tiles to your Windows 10 Start menu. The app lets you use your own logo for the tile and you can create custom tiles for documents, folders and websites. It also lets you create cool custom tiles for your Origin, Steam and Uplay games. We like the app because of its ease of use and simple interface.
  • Analog Live Clock (Free)

Analog Live Clock Windows 10 app
If you always wanted an analog clock on your Start menu, Analog Live Clock should work fine for you. This app lets you pin a totally customized analog clock to your Windows 10 Start menu. The app lets you customize everything about the analog clock, from the dial, hour hand to even the background and more. It is pretty simple to use and you can create beautiful clock tiles for the Windows 10 Start menu.

    Wallhaven Alpha (Free)

Wallhaven Alpha Windows 10 App
Wallhaven Alpha is a wallpaper app and it brings you some great high quality wallpapers from most genres you know of. You can also set the app to periodically change your desktop, homescreen and tile wallpaper. It’s a simple app but if you want your desktop and lockscreen to look beautiful and new every time then you should give Wallhaven Alpha a try.


Best Windows 10 Security Apps

We have already informed you on the best Antivirus apps for Windows 10, now here are some great security apps:
Last Pass Windows App
LastPass is a very popular password manager, which lets you sync all your passwords at one place. According to LastPass, all the passwords that you save in the app are stored at secure servers in the company and no one has access to them but you. LastPass is also available on all major platforms including Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, Windows Phone and minor platforms like Firefox OS. It’s also available as a browser extension/plugin for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Dolphin and more, so you will have passwords to your various accounts on the go. In case you are not really comfortable with using LastPass, you can check out our list of LastPass alternatives.
  • Secret Tidings (Free)

Secret Tidings
Secret Tidings is a cool Windows Store app that allows you to send secret text messages encrypted in simple pictures. The concept is simple, you can choose a picture and then you can add the secret text you want to send. The text will be locked with a password, so your text will only be seen by someone who knows your password, while others will just see a picture.
  • WiFi Dashboard (Free)

WiFi Dashboard
WiFi Dashboard is a pretty simple app, which lets you know if your WiFi is safe enough or not. Along with your WiFi’s security status, the app tells you the IP Address of the connection and the location. Simple yet useful, isn’t it?

    Shredder8 (Free)

Shredder8 Windows App
Deleted files can be easily recovered in Windows, thanks to various third party recovery apps but what if we really want to delete those files? This is where Shredder8 comes into play. Shredder8 acts like a real shredder and it deletes files permanently and makes them non-recoverable. The app also brings the ability to clean free space on your drives.


Best Windows 10 Productivity Apps

  • Wunderlist: To-Do List (Free)

Wunderlist Windows App
Wunderlist is a popular to-do list app and thankfully, they have a great app on the Windows Store. Making lists and tasks are very easy on the app and it offers you some great features like sharing, sync ability with your phone & other devices, ability to attach pictures, files, PDFs and more.
Poki Pocket Windows app
Use Pocket? Sadly, Pocket is not available on Windows 10 yet but we have a very worthy Pocket client, Poki. If you want to use Pocket on Windows, Poki is definitely the best Pocket client available. Just like Pocket, Poki lets you save interesting content for later viewing. The content is also available for you offline.


    Flipboard (Free)

Flipboard Windows app
Flipboard is arguably the best news reading app and it’s available on the Windows 10 Store. Flipboard brings you news content based on your choices & likes and it also brings you content from your Facebook and Twitter newsfeed. The app also lets you use your single subscription on multiple devices. There’s also the ability to create your own magazine with the content you love.

    Code Writer (Free)

Code Writer Windows app
If you are a coder in different languages, you are going to love this app. Code Writer allows you to write & edit texts and codes in more than 20 different programming languages.  There are also some great intuitive features like easy switching between documents, editing and more.


    Wolfram Alpha ($1.49)

Wolfram Alpha
While Wolfram Alpha is a must have app for students, it is also great for people generally. The app answers all your technical queries and it covers a ton of topics. It’s like a search engine but with great knowledge and detail. The app should come in handy if you have a thirst to learn something new.
  • Toolbox for Windows 8 (Free)

Toolbox Windows app
Toolbox, as the name suggests brings a number of tools to boost your productivity through a single app. The app might still have the Windows 8 name and design, but it’s still a pleasure to use if you want to multitask. The app brings 15 tools and innovative features like the ability to run 4 apps at a time (similar to Snap) make it worthwhile.

     Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox Windows Store App
Dropbox has an official app on Windows 10 and it was recently updated to cater to Windows 10’s design language. The cloud storage service also has a desktop app for Windows, so you can choose according to your needs. The Windows Store app comes with all the features we’ve come to expect from Dropbox. There’s the ability to share anything easily and an “Offline” mode to view files even when you don’t have active Internet connection.

Best Windows 10 Entertainment Apps

Microsoft Groove Music app
Microsoft re-branded its Music and Video apps with Windows 10 and that’s how Xbox Music became Groove Music. Just like Xbox Music, Groove Music is a pretty capable music app. It’s the default music app on Windows 10 and it brings features like playlists, custom radio stations and streaming of more than a million tracks. Moreover, Microsoft is giving a free 30-day trial of its Groove Music Pass for unlimited songs and streaming.
Netflix Windows App
We all know and love Netflix, don’t we? If you have a Netflix membership, the app offers unlimited TV shows including Netflix exclusives and movies. The app also syncs your data with other devices where you have logged in and lets you resume from where you left off. So, if you use Netflix, the Windows app has got you covered.
ESPN FC Windows app
ESPN FC is a great app if you want all the Football news right on your Windows 10 PC or mobile. The app brings you all the football scoop you need like scores, fixtures, profiles, articles and more. The app also incorporates Windows-specific features like pinning your team or a league right to the Start menu.

    Audiobooks from Audible (Free)

Audiobooks from Audible
If you just want to relax and listen to some audiobooks on your Windows 10 device, Audiobooks from Audible should be a perfect app for you. Audible is an Amazon company and it brings more than 1,80,000 books narrated by professionals. The app also integrates Cortana voice commands for a better button-free audio mode.


    Movie Box (Free)

Movie Box Windows App
If you love streaming movies without any hassle, Movie Box is the app to get. The app is pretty simple & straightforward and it brings a large selection of movies to watch. The app lets you search for movies and it also includes the option to watch the trailer if you want to know what the movie is all about. It also shows you the IMDB ratings, so that you can choose better.

    iHeart Radio (Free)

iHeart Radio Windows App
iHeart Radio is one of the best radio streaming apps on Windows 10 and rightly so. The app packs in several country’s radio stations along with custom stations. The app lets you create custom stations and brings you personalized radio recommendations and live music events. All you music lovers out there, give it a shot.

Best Windows 10 Social Apps

Twitter Official Windows App
There have been several Twitter clients for the Windows platform in the past few years. While they were pretty good, nothing beats the official Twitter app for Windows 10. Though the Twitter app on Windows isn’t as good as other platforms, it works pretty well and it comes with all the Twitter features we are accustomed to.

    Facebook (Free)

Facebook Official Windows App
The official Facebook app on Windows hasn’t had a major update since a long time but if you want a Facebook app on Windows, the official app is the best one to use. The app doesn’t have all the features that Facebook has on other platforms but it’s usable or else there’s always the browser to go to.
FB Pages Manager Windows App
While Windows 10 does have an official Facebook app, there’s no official app to manage the Facebook Pages. FB Pages Manager is an unofficial app that lets you manage all your Facebook pages. The app lets you manage everything your page in an attractive and cool UI.

Best Windows 10 Photo and Video Apps

  • VLC for Windows Store (Free)

VLC for Windows Store
We are all familiar with VLC Media Player since a long long time and the app now has a touch-friendly Store version as well. Along with videos, VLC for Windows Store is a great audio player as well and it comes with a lot of controls and all the features we’ve come to expect from VideoLAN. If you want more video player options, you can also check out our list of best video players for Windows 10.
Music Maker Jam
If anyone here likes to tinker with music production, this app is for you. The app brings you distinct music styles along with various real time effects to create your very own music. The music styles include the likes of Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum&Bass, Techno, Movie Score, House, Meta and more. You can use three music styles a month in the free version and you’ll have to get the premium version of the app to get all of them. Overall, Music Maker Jam is a must check, if you are a budding music producer.
Photofunia Windows app
The Windows Store is packed with some great photo editing apps and Photofunia is one of them. The popular photo editing app makes editing a picture lot more fun. The app lets you add some great effects, create photo montages and more. If you are in a mood to play with some picture effects, Photofunia is the app for you.
Adobe Photoshop Express Windows App
Adobe Photoshop express is for people who just want to make some quick edits to their pictures for social media sharing. The app lets you auto-fix photos, apply filters, correct exposure, contrast and more. Photoshop Express also brings the ability to share quickly on Facebook or upload to Adobe’s Revel cloud service.
Phototastic Collage
Phototastic Collage is a collage making app, as the name suggests. The app lets you create collages without any hassle. It features a number of pre-loaded designs to make your task easier. The best thing about the app is that it makes creating collages simple and hassle-free.



Best Windows 10 Miscellaneous Apps

Duolingo Windows App
Duolingo has been one of our favourite apps from other platforms and the Windows version is no slouch too. In case you are not aware, Duolingo is a language learning app. The app lets you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish and English. Most importantly, the language learning experience on the app is fun and breezy.

    Translator (Free)

Translator Windows App
Microsoft’s Translator app, previously known as Bing Translator is a pretty handy app. The app lets you translate text, voice and signs, menus, newspapers through your camera. Moreover, the app lets you download translation packs, so that you can translate even when you’re offline.


    Z Opener (Free)

Z Opener
Z Opener is a pretty simple app and as the name suggests, it is a file opener and it lets you extract any file. The app supports more than a dozen file formats and it is very simple to use. Just select the file you want to open or extract and Z Opener will do it for you without any fuss.


     iFixit: Repair Manual (Free)

iFixit Windows App
iFixit is a popular repair manual app, which helps people fix their things on their own. The app brings step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting, a parts store, repair guides and more. It brings repair manuals and support for various kinds of devices, from PCs, phones and cameras to even bikes and cars. The app is a little buggy on Windows but it is pretty useful.
  • Khan Academy (Free)

Khan Academy Windows App
Khan Academy has been known for its educational videos since a long time and their Windows app incorporates all of that. The app features the complete library of Khan Academy’s tutorial videos and it includes various topics like Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and more. Moreover, there are also tutorials on art, finance and history topics.

    Network Speed Test (Free)

Network Speed Test
As the name suggests, Network Speed Test by Microsoft is a simple app that lets you test your internet speed. The app measures your internet speed and lets you know the activities you’ll be able to perform at the speed. For comparison’s sake, the app also shows you your history of tests.


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