Highest Lakes in the World

Highest Lakes in the World 2

When you think of lakes and beaches, what comes the first to your mind
is their beauty and relaxing atmosphere. The lakes and oceans are
nestled in mountain ranges like the Himalayas. The following list is the
list of top 10 highest lakes in the world. These have been amongst the lovely tourist attractions.

Highest Lakes in the World

10. Aguas Calientes Pool, Chile

is a volcanic lake that is present at the top of the Cerro Aguas
Calientes in the Antofagasta region of Chile. It is situated close to
Acamarachi, Lascar and Chiliques. It came into being thousands of years
ago. It is about 5,831m above sea level, and is a great tourist

Aguas Calientes Pool, Chile

9. Lake Licancabur, Bolivia/Chile

is another volcano lake of Chile/Bolivia. It lies miles away from the
south fo Poquentica and its altitude is 5,916m. Its shape is very
different and it looks like a deep volcano with messy shape. It is
bigger and long as compared to many other lakes at 100m by 70m and with a
depth of 8m.

Lake Licancabur, Bolivia

8. Acamarachi Pool, Chile

Acamarachi Pool is present in Chili. It is known to have its own crater
pool, and has diameter of just 10-15m. it is impressively high, about
5,950m above the sea level. The lake is said to be dangerous and is not
chosen for vacation or visiting purposes.

Acamarachi Pool, Chile

7. East Rongbuk Pool, Tibet

is a Tibetan lake. The lake/pool appears during the times when snow
starts melting. It is named after the East Rongbuk Glacier, one of
biggest glaciers in the world. This was first explored by Graham
Hoyland, followed by many others. It is 6,100m high.

East Rongbuk Pool, Tibet

6. Changtse Pool, Tibet

The Changtse Glacier is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.
It is present at 6,216m above sea level. It has appeared on the
tropical maps, and is said to be 180m by 230m. The Changtse Peak has
been connected with the Mount Everest and was first discovered in 1924
by George Mallory.

 Changtse Pool, Tibet

5. Lhagba Pool, Tibet

This lake has an
altitude of 6,358m above sea level. It is located on the slopes of
Everest, around 6km north of the summit and 3km east. It has not been a
major attraction, but is said to be a surprisingly deep and wide lake
with 180m by 50m width and length respectively.

Lhagba Pool, Tibet

4. Nevado Ojos del Salado, Argentina

is an impressive lake of Argentina. This is 6,390m above sea level. It
is like a small crater having diameter of only 100m and a depth of 10m.
It is a dangerous and high volcano on the Earth. The peak surrounding
is, however, a lovely place.

Nevado Ojos del Salado, Argentina

3. Damavand Pool, Iran

The Damavand Pool
is present on Mount Damavand, a volcano with magical powers. It is one
of the most amazing tourist points. The pool itself sits 5,650m above
sea level in the crater summit of the mountain. It remains in frozen
condition almost all months of the year.

Damavand Pool, Iran

2. Poquentica Lake, Bolivia/Chile

This is a spectacular and beautiful lake,
present on the border of Bolivia and Chile. The Poquentica Lake sits
5,750m above sea level on the summit of a volcano. It is mostly frozen,
and as first discovered by Nathalie Cabrol and his companions years ago.
It is a large and dangerous lake, you must stay away from.

Poquentica Lake, Bolivia

1. Ridonglabo Lake, Tibet

the mysterious mountains of Tibet, this beautiful lake is present. It
is about 5,801m above sea level and is a moraine lake formed from
melting of glaciers thousands of years ago. It is present close to
Ridonglabo Peak and only 14km away from Mount Everest. You can consider
visiting it when the weather is appropriate.

Ridonglabo Lake, Tibet

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