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How To Schedule Updates on Google+

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Now you can Schedule Posts on Your Facebook Page. Google+
is expected to launch scheduled updates very soon but its not available
yet at the time of writing. But you can still schedule updates on
Google+ using the DoShare extension.

One of the biggest rules of social media marketing success, no matter what the context, is to post consistently. On some sites that means a few times a week, on others multiple times a day. It is no secret that regularly updating your profile is enough to gain attention over time, and while that isn’t the only way to boost your follower numbers, it is a good foundation for that aim.

Like any social media network, Google Plus requires consistency. But how can you do this? You have things to do and not a lot of time on your hands. You can’t keep jumping on Google Plus to constantly update your profile.

Luckily, it is possible to schedule posts, so you can prepare them all at once (even for an entire week, month or year, if you like), and set them to publish at certain times. Here are a few ways to do so.

DoShare is a free extension for Google Chrome which lets you schedule posts for your Google+ profile, which are then automatically updated at the specified time in future.
Using DoShare extension is very easy. First login to your Google+ account, then go to this link from Google Chrome browser and install it.
Once installed, you will see a small DoShare icon in the toolbar of
your Google Chrome browser. Click on this icon anytime to start writing a
scheduled update for Google+. You can add anything to this scheduled
update, including text message, links, or images.

Once you have composed the message, select the circles to which you want to share this scheduled update. Then click on the Schedule button to select a future date when this update should be automatically published on Google+.

DoShare extension works great if you want to schedule a post on your
Google+ profile but it has some limitations. You can’t schedule a post
for Google+ page, it works only for personal profiles. And you must use
Google Chrome to use DoShare.
The biggest issue with it is that, all your scheduled Google+ posts are saved on your computer only. They are not saved (synced)
on web. This means that you cannot edit these scheduled posts from any
other computer. Also, they will be published automatically only if your
computer is turned on, connected to internet and you are logged into Google+ at the scheduled time.
Keeping the limitations in mind, DoShare is a great tool to schedule updates on Google+.

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