What is Difference Between LCD and LED ? Display Comparison

What is Difference Between LCD and LED ? Display Comparison 1

What is Difference Between LCD and LED ? Display Comparison  LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) Displays are two major display technologies being widely used today. LED Displays are technological advancement of LCD displays. LED displays are the LCD displays with an LED backlight to power up the LCD panel. It means that LEDs are placed behind or around the LCD panel to enhance the luminosity and video definition of the monitor screen. Cold cathode lights are used as Backlight in LCD displays. In LED displays all the concepts are same except this Backlight feature, which is …

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Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps

Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps

GPS with offline map support. A number of GPS app providers let you (or even require you to) download maps for offline use as a key feature of the system. With offline maps, your phone uses its built-in GPS radio (which works independently of your data plan) to figure out where you are, then simply plots your route on a map that’s stored in your phone’s memory. Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps What Are Offline GPS Apps? As the name suggests an offline GPS will allow you to view a map of your location or destination, without having to download …

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Internet Cyberspace Security Certifications

Internet Cyberspace Security Certifications 2

Data Breaches are growing in number, size and criticality, the cybersecurity talent gapis widening, and the security unemployment rate is at zero. A recent survey of IT decision makers across the U.S., Europe and Asia shows most firms are aware and worried about vacant cyber security posts and feel vulnerable to attack. All of these signs are indicative that cyber security and InfoSec skills are in remarkably high demand and are a good place to start for anyone looking to begin or advance a successful IT career path. CompTIA SECURITY+: A basic entry-level certification for the curious security newcomer. It really …

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Affordable Computer Professional Course after 10+2/BA India

Computer courses

A computer career Course offers a wide range of opportunities and in comparison to that it also gives a high job security and great pay. As we all know that career in computer field requires some specific skills that are in high demand by employers.You may also start your own work computer related service to the public without more investment. This will help you lot. This Post is about computer’s course which are professional course with affordable Fee and they can be completed within 6 Month to 1 year. This is mainly focus on those students who cannot afford more Fee …

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Best Cameras for Sports, Wildlife, and Action Photography.


There are lot’s of good reasons to choose a cameras over a consumer camcorder for shooting video, including larger sensors, which tend to deliver better tonal range and enhanced depth-of-field flexibility, and better photo quality. And an interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) — a dSLR, fixed mirror (Sony’s SLT series), or mirrorless model — imparts huge creative and logistical benefits over a typical point-and-shoot design. Whether it’s football, athletics, cricket, tennis, rugby, motor racing, family fun at the local park or something else, there’s always some sort of sport to shoot. What to look for: Cameras : The most important things to …

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