Best and Quick Ways to Increase Blog Traffic WordPress & BlogSpot

Best and Quick Ways to Increase Blog Traffic WordPress & BlogSpot

Best and Quick Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
Best and Quick Ways to Increase Blog Traffic WordPress & BlogSpot

As a Web Blogger we always work hard to get good traffic for our Websites and blogs. Good Traffic means your blogs is popular and people likes to visit your blog as well as search engines because most of Traffic comes from the Search Engines. User engagement is one of the most important aspects of a good blog. It signifies that you are doing something right, and people are enjoying the content you are creating. If, however, your blog has a high bounce rate and continues to drive people away, there are several strategies you can manage to get your blog up to speed with a higher user engagement rate.

If you’ve noticed an absence in the number of readers on your blog lately, it might be time to put in place a few best practices into your blogging strategy to maintain a high organic ranking.

Below are the fast strategies to start driving more blog Traffic

Keep your paragraphs short

Too much text can be an overwhelming sight when readers first visit your blog – which is a good enough reason for them to leave and never return.  

Try keeping your blog post paragraphs to 1-3 sentences. Additionally, by keeping paragraphs short, you can build up to your main point and have it stand out at the end of the post for the most impact.

Always include a subscription form

This is An outstanding way to capture readers is to give them the option to subscribe to your blog. By doing so, each time you publish a post, your readers will be notified and can easily return to read your new content.

It is possible to add call-to-action (CTA) button at the end of each post leading them to a simple form to fill out. Generally speaking, your subscription form should only ask for a first name, last name and email address.

Promote your blog posts on social media

Social media is a great way to share blog posts and is relatively straightforward to do.

Additionally, there are several plugins to choose from that can be added to your blog for easy social sharing. When blog posts get a higher amount of shares, the more likely Google is to reward your post in the search rankings.

Include visuals (Images with Alt tag)

Images or infographics improve your reader’s overall experience for your blog, images are a great way to do so. Including images in your blog will also help with social sharing from your readers. With visual content taking dominating digital marketing, images are crucial. Additionally, images help image search engine traffic and rankings.

Write for your Right audience

The one thing you should take into consideration on each piece of content you create is your target audience. They are going to be the ones who share your content information you are presenting.

For example: let’s say your target audience is primarily Digital Marketing Students who likes to learn about SEO Tips, WordPress, Blogging, Affiliated Marketing etc.  A content piece focused around running would be ideal for them.

Optimize your posts for search engines

This serves a multi-fold purpose – Makes the article easier to find by the searcher and easier to detect by the search engines. Optimized posts result in better ranking which is essential to increase traffic.

Writing quality content with strong titles and Meta descriptions help generate optimized posts.

Promote related blog content

The best way to keep readers on your blog is to promote related blog content at the end of each blog post. Make sure to link 2-3 additional blog posts for them to move onto to keep them engaged. By doing so, you are also allowing them to see more great content and subscribe to your blog if they have not already.

Make sure your blog has a fast load time

Waiting for a page to load is not an attractive quality to have; therefore, it is important that your blog page load time remain competitive.

Images and videos need to be optimized to help load fast i.e., resize with help of online tools and set the media files to the fastest format. Storing data locally or using CDN (if you have visitors worldwide) will help media caching faster.

Furthermore, having a fast load time also bumps you up in Google search rankings – ideally, your page should load in 2 seconds or less. Page speed is crucial for landing that number one spot, as well as getting visitors to your blog.

There are several free tools available to give you insight into your blog’s page load time such as Pingdom and GTmetrix.

Target long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are presenting to your customer.

For instance: ‘WordPress SEO’ will give you lesser search traffic than ‘WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks’ because you included a larger set of words that will relate to what people search for.

Write Better Meta description

The snippet of information beneath the link of search result on SERPs is a Meta description. It is a couple of short sentences that give a searcher a peek into what the website might contain.

The goal with Meta description should be to persuade the searcher to click the link. However, Do NOT mislead the viewers with falsified descriptions. Keep them short, action oriented and targeted towards a goal with honest promises of satisfying the searcher’s needs.

A simple and Right Meta description can do wonders for your blog traffic. Try to write it within 150 characters.

Add keywords to post

Include words that you think users might search for, but do not fill your posts with meaningless words and lose out on quality. Words that can crop up as results and lead you to the top of the SERPs are the ones to include.

Sprinkle keywords all over your posts; in the Title, Meta description, headings, URL and paragraphs to perfectly optimize the blog post.

Note: Don’t use same keyword again and again. Better to use synonyms of the primary keyword.

For example:

Say, you have published an article and the primary keyword for your latest post is SEO Tips Techniques, then you can use the following keywords as  synonyms of your primary keyword:

seo tips for beginners
seo tips for blogger
seo tips youtube
seo tips google
seo tips for wordpress
seo tips for website
wordpress seo tutorial seo
best wordpress seo plugin
on page seo
off page seo

Respond to each blog comment

People commenting on your blog is usually a good sign; it means your post is getting recognized and is important enough for someone to take the time out and comment their opinion. Respond. Let them know that your blog is active and being taken care of.

It is the surest way of letting people know that you are staying updated and haven’t forgotten the post. Higher conversation rates equal better SERPs.

Build only quality backlinks to your blog & website

One way of showing that your topic is one of interest among users and is a trending topic on the internet is by using backlinks. Backlinks are links that display the other webpages that link with your posts.

One of the major Google ranking factors are number and quality of links pointing to the individual webpages.

So, build some high quality backlinks to your blog & website to stay on the top.

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