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View Complete History of WordPress Dashboard using Simple History Plugin (Recommended)

View Complete History of WordPress Dashboard using Simple History Plugin (Recommended)

Simple History Plugin

Simple History Plugin

Simple History WordPress plugin that log user activity

As a wordpress website webmaster or blogger you always need a plugin that stores saved all user activity about your website for your monitoring. For every WordPress website or blog show history plugin should be installed as it has various benefit for you.

Let’s discussed about WordPress history. every time you login into your website using your admin or other account, make any changes in website, blog, installed or uninstalled WordPress Plugins, or who tried to hack your website’s admin account etc. There are lots of benefit of view history plugin which can help you lot.

Some time ago I have installed a wordpress plugins and after sometime I disabled and removed that plugins because i was not much interested to run that plugin but after sometime I realized that plugin was most useful (It was something about Website Heatmap which I was found during internet surfing). But after uninstalltion I don’t have that plugin and unable to find into WordPress plugin Directory. Then I realize a plugin must be installed to store to log for every activity on My WordPress Dashboard, then I searched and easily found a History Plugin from WordPress Plugins Directory That was “Simple History — WordPress Plugins”.

After installation of this plugin i found that it is very useful plugin as per my needs. This Free WordPress Plugin stored every user and visitor activity log and regular shows in WordPress dashboard.

Benefits of using Simple History WordPress Plugin

  • Which User Created New pages and uploaded New Posts

    using this plugin if you have multiple user to your WordPress website you can see which user added, modified or remove a post or page in WordPress website.

  • Files Attachments

    Using this plugin you can \\check which user added, modified or remove any page or post attachment.

  • Taxonomy (Custom taxonomies, Categories, Tags)

    Using this History plugin you can check \\which user add, Modified or Deleted a Taxonomy from WordPress website.

  • Visitor submitted Comments

    Using this plugin you can check and see who edited, approved or Deleted a visitor comment from a post or page.

  • WordPress Sidebar Widgets

    Using this Plugin you can check which user add new important widgets into sidebar of WordPress website.

  • WordPress Plugins

    Using this plugin you can check the which user Activated, Deactived, or Deleted the any WordPress plugins

  • Users logins (Most Important)

    Using this History plugin you can check when a user login into WordPress website admin panel & log-out time. Who fails to login into admin login panel (Best way to find the Brute-force login attempts by others).

  • Login Failed user logins

    This is most useful benefit of this plugins you can check from which IP address some one tries to hack your admin account or other account , but failed to login. history log for that activity will show hacker IP details which you can block.

Here you can see the Screenshot of Simple History WordPress plugins from my WordPress dashboard. 

Check the Screenshot for Simple Plugin

View Complete History of WordPress Dashboard using Simple History Plugin (Recommended) 1 View Complete History of WordPress Dashboard using Simple History Plugin (Recommended) 2


Simple History Plugin is very useful for your website to check all the logs  for WordPress website. every details you will get on your WordPress Dashboard. I urge you to install and try this WordPress plugin and review your experience in comment Box.

Download: Simple History — WordPress Plugins


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