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Smart Phone Apps for Live-streaming Video

Live-streaming video is latest frontier of social media. Established
social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) have their own apps, while
first-movers in the space (e.g., Meerkat) are busily trying to
differentiate themselves.


Live-stream content ranges from
impromptu video blogging to produced efforts by industry veterans. For
small businesses, live-streaming video may be a helpful, new way to
engage an audience and establish a brand with little or no cost.
is a list of live-streaming video apps. There are fun, live-streaming
apps to connect with and update followers, and there are live-video
platforms with advanced production and lead-generation tools. Many of
these apps are free.



is Twitter’s live-streaming app. Going live will instantly notify your
followers, who can join, comment, and send you hearts in real-time. When
your broadcast is over, make it available for replay so viewers can
watch later. Replays currently last 24 hours. Delete your replay at any
time. Broadcast to specific people, or share on Twitter. Price: Free.



is an app to share event-driven live video in real-time. If you
encounter a story, use Stringwire to stream live video. Collaborate with
others to tell stories with live video from multiple perspectives.
Viewers can chat and search through video to find out what’s happening
live. All streamed video is automatically stored online for future
viewing and sharing. Price: Free.



is an online and live-streaming platform for broadcasters, teams, and
marketers. The platform hosts over two million live videos every month,
including NASA TV and BusinessBlueprint.com,
a 24-hour business channel. The platform also includes a variety of
videos on getting started, tracking your progress, and generating leads.
Add graphics, presentations, guests, and more. Get video production and
on-site support for premium events. Price: Plans start at $99 per month.



Streamup is a fun way to live stream interactive shows. Streamup recently announced
its first slate of live-streaming originals in an effort to become a
live television network for the Internet generation. Go live right from
the app, or stream like a pro by using an encoder for cool special
effects, overlays, filters, and more. Become a partner to start earning
revenue from your streams. Streamup’s president and chief content
officer is Will Keenan, an alum of two video producers: Maker Studios
and Endemol Beyond USA. Price: Free.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live.
Facebook Live.
Facebook Live
lets people, public figures, and Pages share live video with followers
and friends on Facebook. Interact with viewers in real time. Field their
burning questions, hear what’s on their minds, and check out their Live
Reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going. Followers can receive
notifications when you go live so they know to tune in to your
broadcasts at just the right time. Price: Free.



is another fun app for interactive live-stream videos. Chat and promote
content – followers can even buy gifts for their favorite broadcasters.
YouNow recently launched original content with two food-related shows,
including one with Roker Labs, spearheaded by Today co-host Al Roker. Price: Free.

Hang w/

Hang w/.

Hang w/.
Hang w/
is a live-streaming platform for access to people, places, events, and
moments. With plenty of celebrity endorsements, Hang w/ has over one
million users and three million live broadcasts. Hang w/ is running a
Crowdfunder campaign to raise capital. Price: Free.



is a platform to broadcast to millions. Livestream also offers
hardware, software, and production products for a complete end-to-end
solution. Broadcast live from your iPhone or iPad to viewers watching on
Facebook, Twitter, Livestream, or any other website. Engage with
viewers via the built-in chat. Monitor audience engagement with
proprietary analytics. Price: Basic plan is $42 per month.



is from YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. Launched at South by Southwest,
the live-streaming platform has a foodie bent, but Nom supports all live
video. Insert rich content, such as recorded video clips, GIFs, and
photos. In addition to shows, users can post photographs, produced
videos, and blog posts or articles to each channel. Price: Free.



Meerkat is working on something new. Recently CEO and founder Ben Rubin posted an update
outlining the difficulties the live-streaming app has faced against
platforms like Twitter-Periscope and Facebook Live. Currently, Meerkat
is still a stable live-streaming app to broadcast video to your
followers. But the first-mover in live-streaming is presumably getting
ready to break out in a new way, which could make it a good place to
stream. Price: Free.

Snapchat Live Stories


Snapchat Live Stories
are compilations of snaps from snapchatters at events and locations
around the world. Live Stories are curated by Snapchat, and typically
appear for 24 hours. If you’re in the location of a Live Story, you can
submit snaps. Snapchat also supports video chat. Look for Snapchat to
develop increased live-streaming functionality. Price: Free.
Live streaming on YouTube's Creator Studio.

Live streaming on YouTube’s Creator Studio.
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