Best Step to Get Motivation from Your Competitors Website & Blogs

Best Step to Get Motivation from Your Competitors Website & Blogs About WordPress

Get Motivation from Your Competitors Website
Get Motivation from Your Competitors Website

In the internet Blogosphere everybody wants to have a unique website blog niche and stay forward of everyone else. Competitors play important roles everywhere: in Blogging, Technology, business, sports, academics, etc. In the world of Internet Marketing, competition has increased at an alarming rate in the past few years with a steady growth of online marketers. As a WordPress user, you’ll find more inflexible competitors than you would expect due to its popularity. For instance, a tech blogger would have more competitors using WordPress to run their blogs than a different platform.

The good news is you can actually learn a lot from all of these competitors.  While some of these methods may be known by the more practicality users, it will no hesitation add insight to beginning bloggers.

Website and Blog Homepage

First impression lasts. The Website and Blog homepage greetings your website visitors and gives a summary of what your site is all about. Whether you like it or not, the competition starts here. With competitors around, you will always aim to have better homepage design.

Post and Page Contents

The Website Page and Post contents must create the right combination to your design. It’ll serve as guide to your audience where to go, what button to click, and most importantly, what your entire business is all about. Most websites ensure that they provide quality content.

Website and Blog Mobile adaptability

A website looks different in desktop or in mobile. If you found out that your competitor has no mobile view for their site, then it only means it’s not updated – and it also means you have the edge. Audiences are using mobiles right now for convenience. The goal here is always to be in touch with the audience. Make your website more responsive to different platforms.

Social media accounts

Social Media Network make your website popular and play an important role. See to it that important postings on your website can easily be shared over social media accounts through social Sharing buttons.

SEO Confidences of WordPress

As we all know, we can build SEO-friendly blogs and websites using WordPress. Just installing WordPress alone can’t give you good SEO rankings, however. There are many experienced and established users with in-depth SEO knowledge who will be difficult to outrank with a new website.

These competitors know how to make a WordPress site more SEO-friendly with very little effort. Many of them share part of their knowledge or SEO techniques on their blog and websites. Instead of starting from scratch, you can follow a competitor’s process to make your WordPress site more SEO-friendly.

SEO Confidences of WordPress
SEO Confidences of WordPress

Easy Website and Blog Navigation

The design of your website should always be aimed at receiving the attention of visitors. They will not stay if the design confuses them. Instead, they will click the close button. Hereafter, getting the layout of your website correctly is fundamental.

Study your competitors’ website. Take note of the layout, the navigation, and your experience as a whole. If you find theirs easier and more convenient to use, with clean and clutter-free layout, then it’s your chance to gauge what better things you can do for your website.

Website and Blog Setting Up

Let’s imaginary that you want to build a tech blog with a WordPress site, and you are faced with lots of options to customize your site. What decisions will you make? Reading the help resources aren’t enough to setup your site. This probably would not be our preferred approach because there are already thousands of tech blogs online that are built using WordPress. We can follow other bloggers in our ideal niche, and learn how they set up their blog. Most of them might even share their success story and experiences. We can learn to avoid the same mistakes they made and produce better than them as a result.

The Correct Plugins & Themes

Most of the features of your WordPress site are powered by plugins, which are responsible for how your blog looks to your audience. There are thousands plugins and Thousands themes. Would you try each and every plugin or theme to find the best one? Our competitors suggest certain plugins or themes they prefer. For example, as a tech blogger, you can observe other tech bloggers using WordPress, and also take note of which plugins and theme that they use.

Resolving Many Issues with website

Glitches are common with WordPress sites. Once a WordPress user encounters a fault, webmaster want attempts to fix it quickly. Webmaster does online research; trying many options until he finds a best solution. If you practice a similar problem that they did, you now know how to solve it quickly without the troubles of in-depth study. This way, you can either quickly solve the problems or find ideas that help you.

Acquire the Maximum Usage out of WordPress

WordPress Plugins and WordPress themes, or any other tools related to your WordPress website or blog can be learned from competitors. They can define the latest resources, how you can get the best ones. You can follow your competitor’s ways, how to use their information and Troubleshooting experiences, and link a knowledgeable sphere of WordPress users.

Visitors Engagement Strategies

The aim of any website or blog is to increase an audience, but it’s tougher quiet to keep them attached to your website and its content. With time and experience, your competitors learn a lot that they can share with you, teaching you the strategies they applied to engage their audience regularly. For instance, if you want to know what you should do to grow your subscriber list, you can learn from your competitor’s by doing what they do.

Choosing the Correct Tools & Services

WordPress community is growing day to day. Naturally, the quantity of services and tools available for WordPress is very impressive. With a large user base, the selection of the right services or tools can be overwhelming, but with lots of competitors in your niche you could learn new and valuable things. You can use the tools or services that your most knowledgeable opponents are using. For example, the choice of the web host to use is a difficult choice. But you can always ask your competitors which web host they are using or ask for their references.

Website and Blog Customization’s

Customizing your WordPress website includes designing your blog theme and look. Your competitors’ sites are fully customized with incredible visuals and other noticeable things. Your competitors might be using something excellent from other parties to have a different look and feel from your blog. You can find something alike by learning from them.

Get Knowledge from Mistakes

Learning sometimes comes from mistakes. We also learn from mistakes that others make. Our competitors have had to find answers to their problems that you can use for your problems as well. If you make a mistake you can find out what your competitor did when he made the same mistake.

Bring up-to-date to the Newest Version

The WordPress community is developing and becoming better each day. WordPress is one of the most active developments in the software industry online. Monthly, we suppose things to change in our WordPress platform from the previous version. A single change can cause a lot issues from connecting sections working behind the acts. Updating to the newest version is supreme. The new version of WordPress could have more options available to existing plugins, or new ones for you to apply to your website. You can observe your competitor’s response to updates and the problems that come with it, and find the best results.


There are lots of valued things that your competitors can teach you. You can learn a lot from your competitor’s proficiency and the knowledge that they have expanded over time. Everyone learns from their predecessor, and you can try to avoid the mistakes that they made before you make the same ones.

Competitors have unique experiences and knowledge that you can learn from their blogs. All these are geared at having a dynamic blogging experience.

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