Amazing Google Search Tricks, Tips & Hacks You Should Know

Amazing Google Search Tricks, Tips & Hacks You Should Know

Google is the most used search engine for any kind of info you are looking. It is also said in a humorous way that ” If its not on Google, then its not a question “. There are many Google search tricks about which you might be unaware but after reading this post you will be provided with the cool and interesting Google Search tips which will save much of your time for sure.

Amazing Google Search Tricks
Amazing Google Search Tricks

Before proceeding with the Google Tricks let me clear one thing that knowing these Google Tips doesn’t mean that you can hack Google, these tips and tricks are for your ease and for better searching experience to get results out of Google very quickly and easily without having to explore number of websites. Here we go :-


Google Tricks 1: Cool Google Search Tricks

i.) Make You Google page Dance

Type in the Google Search Bar ” Do a barrel roll ” ( without any quotes ), your Google will starting rolling. This we can call as “Do a barrel roll trick “.

ii.) Play game with Google in your browser

Type ” Zerg Rush ” in the Google search bar and it will start a game for you, it is really a fun and cool trick to look for. Just try it.

iii.) Tilt Google

Type ” Tilt ” in Google Search bar and the Google page will be tilted.

iv.) Know The Sunrise time

Just type ” Sunrise yourcity ” and it will display you the exact time of the sunrise of your place. ( Replace yourcity by the name of the place you want to look for ).

v.) Easy Flight Info

Want to know about your flight ? Just type ” flight yourflightname ” and you will get the results ( Replace yourflightname with the genuine flight name of yours ).

vi.) Use Google as a Timer

Set your timer with the help of Google. Just type ” set timer 1 minute ” and it will be set for 1 minute, after 1 minute it will start ringing.

vii.) Calculate Your tips

Just type “ tip calculator ” and it will display it for you.


i.) Google trick to  search different file formats,type – ” keyword filetype:doc ”

ii.) Google trick to search educational resources (keyword example (computer

iii.) Finding the time of any location (time boston)

iv.) Finding the weather of any location, type – (New York weather)

v.) Tracking commentary of live events, juts like this – ” Olympic games Beijing 2008 ”

vi.) Using Google as a calculator, just type the value like this without brackets – (7 * 10)(143+534)(110-80)

vii.) Converting currencies (1 USD in INR)(10 US Dollars in Indian Rupee)

viii.) Find how many teaspoons are in a quarter cup. Type ” quarter cup in teaspoons ”

ix.) How many seconds there are in a year, just type ” seconds in a year ”

x.) Tracking stocks (stocks:MSFT)


I.) Define: No Need To Look For Online Dictionaries To Get The Meaning Of Any Word, Juts Type Like This ” Define Computer “And It Will Display The Meaning Of The Word Computer.

ii.) info : – The google info operator will list the sets of information that Google has from a particular website (info:

iii.) site : – This google operator can be used to see the number of indexed pages on your site (

iv.) link : – This google link operator allows you to find backlinks pointing to your site. The disadvantage of this hack is that it is not updated frequently so it may not display all of the backlinks. Example – ” link: ”

v.) allinurl : – Using this Google operator will limit the search to results that contain only the desired keywords on the URL structure. (i.e. allinurl:YouMeGeeK)


i.) Check Local Weather:

Type – ” Weather city name or postal code “. Example – weather new york

ii.) Convert Distances

Type – ” value ” “first distance unit” to “second distance unit “.

Example – 50 miles to kilometers

iii.) Search a business/store

Type – ” business name or type ” , ” city or postal code ”

Example – mobile store, new york.

These were some of the cool and interesting Google search tricks and tips you should try. Save your time and get your results as quickly as possible by following these Google hacks.

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