Useful Tips and Tricks for iPad Users

Useful Tips and Tricks for iPad Users

Useful Tips and Tricks for iPad Users
Useful Tips and Tricks for iPad Users

The iPad is a great tool for both entertainment and productivity. To get the most out of it, however, you have to know its secrets, and here are of the best ones:- 

Using the sidebar

According to Time, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro sport a cool new feature: the ability to open apps up in a special sidebar without leaving your existing app. All you have to do is swipe a finger from the right to bring up a list of all apps compatible with this feature. Click your desired app and begin multitasking right away!


Use your iPad as a virtual card table

Many people don’t realize the amount of traditional tabletop games that the iPad can replace – including a deck of cards! According to Business Insider, the Card Table app allows users to view their hand of cards on their compatible smartphones and use the iPad as a virtual table. Just like that, you’ve got the fun of 52 cards without the worry of picking them up.


Hands-free messaging

Hands-free messaging

According to Apple’s own website, one of the simplest iPad tricks is to let Siri handle your messaging. She interacts with your contact list and allows you to send messages by referencing a person’s name, such as telling the iPad “Tell Brad that dinner is at 6:00.” This is great when your hands are occupied by those same dinner preparations.


Never stop watching video

From cute cat videos to insightful instructions, we live in a world where video dominates everything. It’s annoying to stop what you are watching to accomplish more mundane tasks like responding to emails. According to Time, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro let you do both at the same time. Simply press the home button when you are watching videos or using Facetime and the video minimizes to the bottom right corner of the screen while you use other apps.


Instant exposure adjustment

One of the greatest abilities of the iPad is to take photos and immediately edit them. With iOS , adjusting exposure is easier than ever. According to Apple, you simply tap where you want to establish the automatic exposure and focus. Then, all you have to do is slide your fingers up and down to adjust the picture’s exposure.


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Create a second monitor

According to Business Insider, you can use apps such as Air Display 2 to create a second monitor. This is great for those who want extra productivity or just want to double their onscreen fun, all for a fraction of the price of an actual new monitor.


Browse all of your files anywhere, anytime

The Apple website notes that the iCloud drive app allows you to browse and open all of your files via compatible applications on your iPad. This helps save time and space in not having to keep the files you want on your iPad at all times.


Use virtual buttons

virtual buttons
virtual buttons

No one likes to imagine their shiny new iPad getting damaged. After all, a broken button can feel like a death sentence for electronics. However, Business Insider notes you can enable Assistive Touch and begin creating virtual buttons for things like the home button, volume buttons, and screen lock buttons. This ensures your device can live long past its outer shell!


Sketch on your iPad

Sketch on your iPad
Sketch on your iPad

Whether it’s killing time in a classroom or laying the conceptual foundation for your next work of art, sketching is a time-honored pencil and paper tradition. As the Apple website notes, you can keep this tradition alive on your iPad as well by using the drawing tools in the Notepad app. This lets you use your finger to doodle. Mess up your sketch? The eraser is just a touch away.


Read more easily at night

It doesn’t take long for iPad users to see that reading at night can be downright painful as read black letters against a blinding background. Business Insider notes you can go to your Accessibility settings and invert colors. Now, the background is black and the letters are white, making night reading a breeze!

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