Simple and Best ways to Increase Your Website’s Google Ranking without Taking Any Risks

Simple and Best ways to Increase Your Website’s Google Ranking without Taking Any Risks
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Simple and Best ways to Increase Your Website’s Google Ranking without Taking Any Risks

Simple and Best ways to Increase Your Website’s Google Ranking
Simple and Best ways to Increase Your Website’s Google Ranking

As a Website owner or Blogger It’s not always easy to increase your google rankings, the competition is tough and hundreds of web pages are competing for one of the places in the top of the Google SERPS. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it’s not possible; with the right approach and mindset, you can improve your rankings and increase your organic traffic.

In this article there are some simple and best ways to improve your website’s Google search engine ranking.

Publish Relevant Content

Quality content is the important part of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. Quality content created specifically for your intended user increases site traffic, which improves your site’s authority and relevance.

Ensure the content you use is high quality. You can have a lot of content and not rank high if the content is unoriginal. Focus on what your readers are looking for and create original content around those topics.

Mobile/Smartphone Website view 

Today Smartphones are essential part of Daily life. People are using mobile devices to access the internet. If you do not have a mobile site set up, you can lose your visitors. If you want higher rankings you must have a mobile-friendly site. If you have a WordPress site, this is easily improved with a plugin.

Benefits of attaining high rankings for Your website

Think for a moment what would be the benefits to your business if you could improve the google rankings for some of your important keywords. Let me give you some ideas to help you organize your thoughts:

  • Increase in targeted organic traffic – this is by far the most valuable source of traffic a website can have.

  • Increase in sales and conversions.

  • Increase in social visibility – Users are more likely to share a webpage they found in the first pages of Google with their followers.

  • Increase in email subscribers for your Website and Blog.

  • Increase in Google trust – If Google trusts your website and gives you a higher ranking for some keywords (even if they are not very competitive), this is a good sign that what you are doing is in the right direction.

SEO Checklist
SEO Checklist

Use Keywords

Keywords matter in SEO ranking. What are people searching for in your industry? The right keywords will help people find your site in the search engines, so it’s vital that you choose the right ones, and not necessarily the same ones as your competitors. Keyword research also needs to be an ongoing task to keep up with the current trends in your Industry.

Post New Contents Regularly

You’ve probably noticed that we feel pretty strongly about content. Search engines do, too. Regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy, so be sure to keep it fresh.

Title Metadata

Title metadata is responsible for the page titles displayed at the top of a browser window. It is the most important metadata on your page. For those with a CMS website, the web team has developed an automated system for creating the Meta title for each webpage.

Description Metadata

Description metadata is the textual description that a browser will use in your page search return. Think of it as your site’s window display—a concise and appealing description of what is contained within, with the goal of encouraging people to enter the website and blog.

Keyword Metadata

Keyword metadata are the search phrases that people type when they want to find your page. You’ll want to include a variety of phrases. However, don’t get greedy: if your list becomes excessive, the browser may completely ignore the data. As a general rule, try to keep it to about 6-8 phrases with each phrase consisting of 1-4 words. A great example would be “How Make Money Online.”

Use alt tags

Always describe your visual and video media using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions. They allow search engines to locate your page, which is important, especially for those who use text-only browsers.

Internal and External Links

Links both pointing in to your website from outside sources as well as links in your website are important because more links equals more traffic. Links must be high quality links, otherwise they could actually harm rather than improve your Google ranking.

Anchor Text

It is important to always be looking for chances to add anchor text on your site. This is the text which visitors can click on to visit other web pages on the internet or on your website. Effective anchor texts need to be used to help viewers navigate through your site and find exactly what they are searching for. It needs to include phrases and keywords related to your website as well. This is a way for you to boost SEO but too much linking will force Google to consider your website as spammy.

Create an RSS Feed

RSS will help you improve your page rank by allowing Google to index your site faster and easier. RSS or XML feeds allow your content to get syndicated to RSS directories-thus increasing the speed at which your content spreads around the web.

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