Simply Best Ways To Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Web Blog

Simply Best Ways To Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Web Blog

Best Ways To Drive More Traffic
Best Ways To Drive More Traffic

More Website traffic is always a good thing And most Online marketing strategies do revolve around building traffic to your site. Yet it’s sometimes challenging to come up with new ideas to boost your site’s traffic. Therefore, you need to implement multiple strategies to bring new visitors to your site and keep old visitors engaged with your content.

Here are Some of the Best Ways To Get Traffic

Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

Search engines have always been a major way to get traffic for free. That is why you need to do your homework and optimize your site so that it ranks well for the keywords you target.

SEO is the most powerful way to get traffic for free, and you really need to invest some time and effort in the optimization of your site.

Social Media

  • Use Social Bookmarking Sites Like Pinterest, StumbleUpon & Reddit
  • Try Promoted Facebook Posts
  • Make Sure All Social Media Profile Sport Your Website URL
  • Create A Company Profile On LinkedIn
  • Claim Your Yelp Profile
  • Add Your Website’s URL To Each Of Your YouTube Video Descriptions
  • Shorten URLs On Twitter So Everything Fits In
  • Test Facebook Status Update Links

Post Quality Content Regularly

Studies show that the more often you update your blog, the more traffic it will receive. Google gives higher priority to websites with fresh content, so if you want to get more attention from the search engines, update your blog Daily or at least twice a week.

Write Better Titles

The titles for your blog posts are almost more important than the content itself. That’s because titles help potential readers decide whether they should click and read more. Pay attention to the article titles you see on magazine covers. They entice readers with promises and solutions. When you do the same, your readership will increase.

Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs (or breadcrumbs trail) are links typically found at the top of your site pages that shows your current location and allows you to track the previous pages that you’ve navigated through.

If implemented properly, including breadcrumbs to your blog can be useful to your visitors and search engines. In fact, Google started to include breadcrumbs trails into its search results augmenting user’s search experience. Having it on your blog will make it easier for search engines to understand your blog’s structure.

Write Guest Posts

By using a site like SimilarWeb, you can find sites related to yours. If they have your audience, you can usually get content onto their site that helps them build traffic while at the same time getting access to their new audience.

Participate In Question And Answer Sites, Quora and Yahoo! Answers are just few of the Q&A sites that you should consider participating in to drive more traffic to your site. When you use these sites, however, make sure that you only answer to high-quality questions. You must also try answering questions that you can provide valuable information to those who drop by.

Speed up your Website

A fast site not only converts better, but on a big site you will also get more organic traffic because the search engines are able to crawl your site faster and find more content. Start with switching hosts then optimizing your code, all while making sure you are using aggressive caching and a content delivery network (CDN).


  • Send Out A Monthly Newsletter With Links To Recent Website Content
  • Add A Link To Your Website In The Email Signature Line
  • Write Short, Catchy Email Subjects Lines
  • Tell Subscribers Exactly What You Want Them To Do With A Specific Call To Action
  • Strategically Schedule Emails—Timing Is Everything
  • Test Emails For Links, Content & Graphics
  • Encourage Sharing
  • Avoid Spam Triggers (See Your Specific Mail Provider For More Details)

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free Tool. This tool can give you tons of information, such as where your traffic comes from, new VS returning visitors and which sites are providing you with high quality traffic.

Create a free product or service

Content drives most traffic when you offer something useful. There are many types of useful content you can create and they largely depend on the niche of your site. You can have articles with tons of advice, or short tips but one of the most powerful ways to get traffic is to create a free product or service. When this product or service gets popular and people start visiting your site, chances are that they will visit the other sections of the site as well.

Use viral content

Free products and services are great for getting free traffic to your site and one of the best varieties in this aspect is viral content. Viral content is called so because it distributes like a virus – i.e. when users like your content, they send it to their friends, post it on various sites, and promote it for free in many different ways. Viral content distributes on its own and your only task is to create it and submit it to a couple of popular sites. After that users pick it and distribute it for you. Viral content can be a hot video or a presentation but it can also be a good old article or an image.

Use offline promotion

Offline promotion is frequently forgotten but it is also a way to get traffic for free. Yes, computers are everywhere and many people spend more time online than offline but still life hasn’t moved completely on the Web. Offline promotion is also very powerful and if you know how to use it, this can also bring you many visitors. Some of the traditional offline ways to promote your site include printing its URL on your company’s business cards and souvenirs or sticking it on your company vehicles. You can also use video tutorials and put your website name in footer section. You can also make pen drives with printed name and slogan of your websitee with your logo and this way make your website more popular.

Include your URL in your signature

URLs in forum signatures are also a way to get traffic for free. There are forums, which get millions of visitors a day and if you are a popular user on such a forum, you can use this to get traffic to your site. When you post on forums and people like your posts, they tend to click the link to your site on your signature to learn more about you. In rare cases you might be able to post a deep link (i.e. a link to an internal page of the site) rather than a link to your homepage and this is also a way to focus attention to a particular page. Unfortunately, deep links are rarely allowed.

Retweet past content

We aren’t all looking at Twitter at the same time, so when you share a new blog post link, the majority of your fan base won’t see it the first time. Repeat your tweets, and don’t be afraid to share past content. Readers don’t care when it was written as long as it’s still relevant.

Ask visitors to share your site with others

Simply asking your visitors to forward your articles to others or share them on their social networking profiles is a great way to quickly boost page views.

Comment on other websites

Leaving valuable comments on other websites’ blogs can be a great way to build traffic back to your own site. Just be sure to say more in your comment than, “Great post!” or “Thanks for sharing!”

Don’t Give Up

You won’t see traffic build-up overnight when you follow those tactics mentioned above. As long as you do them consistently, you’ll see traffic increase in the next few months (maybe years). Most new Bloggers tend to give up easily if they don’t see positive outcome immediately.

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