Best Antivirus Programs for Mac Computers

Macs are more secure – or less insecure at least – than their Windows
brethren for two reasons. On the technical side, OS X is a Unix-based
operating system. As a Unix-based operating system OS X is sandboxed.
It’s like having a series of fire doors – even if malware gains access
to your Mac, it is unable to spread to the heart of the machine. Macs
are not unhackable, but they are more difficult to exploit than Windows


Which is the second reason. Not only are there far fewer Macs than
there are Windows PCs, but they are harder to hack. Is it any wonder,
then, that cybercriminals focus on the Windows world? All malware these
days exists to make money, and the criminals who create and share such
filth are not doing so because they want to work hard. They pick off the
lowest hanging fruit, and that is unprotected Windows PCs.

There are active malware in the Mac world, however. And one of the
biggest threats is your own behaviour. So it is definitely worth
investing in Mac antivirus.

Best Antivirus for Mac Computers

iAntivirus for MAC

If you are a Mac user, then you would be aware of the name
iAntivirus. It is one of the popular antivirus programs for Mac OS. And
yes, this is also a free antivirus program. iAntivirus has been designed
such that it does not allow malicious programs to attack your Mac OS.

Its real-time protection and solid detection system enhances all the
security parameters of Mac OS for free. You can also keep updating this
antivirus program to keep your computer safe from all the latest cyber

McAfee Virus Scan

McAfee is not at all an unknown name for Windows users. And this
popularity inspired them to design antivirus programs compatible on Mac
OS. Like a typical McAfee computer security program, it allows you to
keep your Mac OS free from old and new viruses, Trojans and other
malicious programs.

This McAfee antivirus program for Mac features McAfee ePolicy
Orchestrator which allows you to keep an eye on all the computers
connected on the network. Its user friendly interface and availability
of updates makes it a rough and tough antivirus program for Macintosh

Norton Antivirus

Norton (Symantec) is a huge name in the arena of computer security
experts. Even big companies trust their products capability. This
undoubted fact makes it a popular and a favorite antivirus program for
Macintosh operating system.

Its conventional detection and deletion feature with updated database
makes it an ideal computer protection system. Regardless you are on
Internet or not, its features will always make you feel safer from cyber
threats like viruses, Trojans, and Rootkits.

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Although Apple’s Mac OS provides some of the best security features
like sandboxing, Library Randomization and Execute Disable, adding an
extra layer of protection will never harm you. Choose your favorite
antivirus program and get ready for a safer ride on Apple Macintosh OS.

Agax Antivirus

(Not for Mac OS X) Antivirus program by Agax is popular for
its powerful and robust protection on a Mac computer. Apart from
conventional features like detection and deletion of viral threats, it
integrates your Mac OS with potent background protection which makes way
for hassle free experience on computer.

Agax antivirus program features a shielding force namely, “Defender”.
This adds to the overall protective features of this sound antivirus
program. Agax antivirus program is also a free program.

ClamCour Antivirus

(Not for Mac OS X) Since Internet is the primary source of
most of the cyber attacks on your computer, ClamCour provides a robust
protection while you are on Internet. This antivirus program mainly
concentrates on the protection from cyber threats.

ClamCour offers an amazing feature called “Courier Filter” which
scans all the mails coming into your inbox and does not allow you to
download them, incase they are infected. It enhances your Internet
browsing experience. Moreover, this antivirus program will not hurt your
wallet as it a freeware.

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